Who We Are


We want children to play with a purpose and to learn with confidence. We’re all about exploration, discovery, and imagination, within a safe, secure school that encourages every child on their path to elementary school.

Learning With Purpose

We want children to play with a purpose and to learn with confidence. We’re all about exploration, discovery, and imagination, within a safe, secure school that encourages every child on their path to elementary school.


Our T.E.A.M.® (Together Everyone Achieves More) guarantees children will graduate TLA® with exceptional core academic skills that will start them on the path to a bright future. At TLA®, we know each child develops at their own pace, so our curriculum is designed to provide experiences for children that promote academic competency along with a mastery of developmental tasks, no matter what learning stage they are in.


At TLA®, children are taught to engage in a varie controlled and safe activities that encourage them to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle at an early age. Healthy food choices are provided daily while our teachers foster an awareness of proper nutrition.


TLA® embraces important practical and real-world matters that most other early learning institutions often ignore. Our proprietary Philanthropy Program lays the foundations for children to become respectful and well-mannered people by teaching them the value of selflessness, sharing and giving.


At TLA, supporting our educators is a priority. By providing our staff with creative training opportunities and paths for professional development, talented educators reach their full potential. That means, in turn, that your child’s educational experience is nothing less than top-notch.

TLA Learning Management System:

Through online training, our teachers stay current on key points like best classroom practices and child development strategies.

Child Development Associate Credential (CDA):

With the Council for Professional Recognition as a partner, our CDA Preparation Program gives educators assistance in pursuing a nationally recognized credential.

Master Teacher Program:

Teachers that receive their CDA become eligible for the opportunity to further their development through this Master Teacher Program. Advanced courses in child development, assessment, and curriculum implementation enable teachers to master their skills and mentor new teachers.

School Education Manager Program:

Our curriculum experts are trained in this program that focuses on observing and evaluating classrooms. These School Education Managers (SEMs) develop to become coaches and mentors to other teachers, so that all our programs continue to meet our high standards of quality.


Purpose Based Facilities

We believe young children learn best when encouraged to interact with their environment!

Playing, exploring and creating are essential to our curriculum, which emphasizes concrete, hands-on, integrated activities.

School Facilities

Our school facilities typically consist of 7,000-10,000 square feet of commercial building space specifically designed to meet our strict performance standards and ensure a safe and happy learning atmosphere for all ages. We utilize equipment based on its proven suitability for the age of the children in each classroom.

Highlights of our school facilities include

Purpose Based Facilities


Each is designed specifically for our young learners. State-of-the-art equipment, child-sized furniture and developmentally appropriate toys and activities are provided. Classroom computers and early learning software provides great exposure to technology


Safety-Certified Outdoor Playground

Each of our facilities has safety-certified playgrounds that allow separate space for Infants/Toddlers, Young Preschool, Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classes. All playing areas have exceptional playground equipment and AstroTurf or grass playing fields and are completely enclosed by fencing with several exit gates for security.

Our curriculum team has created a Parent Resource Guide, a home-school connection piece that provides suggested activities as an extension of our curriculum...

The Learning Adventure

At The Learning Adventure, our mission is to provide high-quality care and education — every child, every family, every day!


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