Safety and Security

Our advanced technology and 5-point security system at pick-up time ensure that your child is in an environment where safety is taken very seriously


At TLA facilities, the safety and security of the children is paramount.

As a parent you need peace of mind to know that you are are leaving your children in a safe and secure environment.
Forget keys, PINs, card readers, and buzz-in systems. At TLA your smartphone becomes you key for secure access to TLA


Daycare Door Lock Systems

Before TLA, most childcare facilities had to rely on older technology that had many weaknesses

Say no! Keypad Entry Systems

Why? Can be easy to compromise and most have no activity records. PIN/codes are easily shared or and keypads have to be mounted on the outside of the building where they are exposed to vandals, weather and germs.

Buzz-In Systems

These provide no activity records and have to be monitored at all times which can be inconvenient for when access is revoked there is no centralized system to remove access.

Facilities with Card Reader Systems

Why? Can be lost giving anyone access

Traditional Lock and Key

With these, there is no activity record and no way to know which doors are locked without a physical check. Locks must be re-keyed every time a key is lost, compromised or privileges are revoked.

Door Chimes

They provide no security and no activity record.


Smartphone Unlocking Systems (using Bluetooth)
TLA’s Bluetooth smartphone access control system

Safe Centers

At TLA, keeping children safe is our number one priority. We have taken all necessary precautions to ensure your child is safe at all times. Our security measures include

Handprint or number code entry systems

Monitoring systems at some locations

Check in/out computer system

Classroom observation windows at some locations

Staff uniforms and name badges


Visitor/Solicitor/Tour Policy


Secure entry and exit for facility and outdoor play areas

24-hour monitored fire systems


Health Service Plan in place

Risk Management procedures in place

Our curriculum team has created a Parent Resource Guide, a home-school connection piece that provides suggested activities as an extension of our curriculum...

The Learning Adventure

At The Learning Adventure, our mission is to provide high-quality care and education — every child, every family, every day!


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