Parents Participate At TLA


TLA understands parental involvement is a crucial component to the success of a child’s educational achievement. Parents are their child’s most important teacher. Research has proven that children are more successful learners when their parents are actively involved in their learning, both at home and at school. To support parents as partners, we encourage families to be involved in their child’s educational process.

TLA offers an open-door policy, allowing parents to visit and participate in our programs at all times, fostering a sense of openness and inclusion.

TLA allows parents to participate in the center by planning events that will benefit the overall quality of the program. Some of the group’s initiatives include: networking with other families, learning opportunities for families such as workshops and trainings, special events, teacher recognition and development, community service projects, center enhancements, classroom volunteering opportunities and fundraising.


Is the next generation of our T.E.A.M.® curriculum. Designed to enhance the monthly themed programs, T.E.A.M.® Interactive® enables children to interact with cutting-edge touch technology on a large screen and experience real-time videos and eye-opening destinations via Google Earth®. They can travel the world without ever leaving the classroom. 

The children are taught to use interactive tools including the Fill tool, Shapes tool, Marker tool, and Spotlight tool. At the end of the month, the child’s T.E.A.M.® Interactive® workbook is filled with “I did this activity on the T.E.A.M.® Interactive® board” stickers.

Our curriculum team has created a Parent Resource Guide, a home-school connection piece that provides suggested activities as an extension of our curriculum...

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