Daycare Center Access Control Systems

At TLA facilities, the safety and security of the children is paramount. As a parent you need peace of mind to know that you are are leaving your children in a safe and secure environment.
Forget keys, PINs, card readers, and buzz-in systems. At TLA your smartphone becomes you key for secure access to TLA

Say no Childcares with!

Daycare Door Lock Systems –
Before TLA, most childcare facilities had to rely on older technology that had many weaknesses;
Facilities with Card Reader Systems
Why? Can be lost giving anyone access
Say no! Keypad Entry Systems
Why? Can be easy to compromise and most have no activity records. PIN/codes are easily shared or and keypads have to be mounted on the outside of the building where they are exposed to vandals, weather and germs.
Traditional Lock and Key
With these, there is no activity record and no way to know which doors are locked without a physical check. Locks must be re-keyed every time a key is lost, compromised or privileges are revoked.
Buzz-In Systems
These provide no activity records and have to be monitored at all times which can be inconvenient for when access is revoked there is no centralized system to remove access.
Door Chimes
They provide no security and no activity record.

Say Yes To TLA!
Smartphone Unlocking Systems (using Bluetooth)
TLA’s Bluetooth smartphone access control system